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Wāhine by Cara is created for woman who desire more for themselves.

We are often juggling many things in life, creating families and holding together communities.

We are the ones that get things done right!

In the juggle and focus of doing all the things we sometimes forget to put the most important thing first.

Ourselves. For its out of our aro -ha we give out to others.

Aro being...... and ha being........ and if we can't fill our cup first, we lack to effectively give to others.

We all need the time to tune in and go a little deeper than the surface.

Time to discover more about who we are instead of what we do. 

These sessions are focused on you. The inside, the outside and everything you can appreciate about yourself. The strengths you have to offer this world are unique to you and when you spend the time exploring you have the potential to be unstoppable. 

Strenght finders coaching

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