My names Cara and heres a little about me..

Im a proud kiwi (Maori/ Nz european descent) from the small town of

New Plymouth, Taranaki. 

I had a great child hood, climbing trees, roaming around on my roller blades, swimming at local beaches and just living that dreamy kid life. (oh to be a kid!) I mostly loved exploring the big outdoors til the street lights came on. 

At the age of 8 my dad gave me my first film camera and I was hooked and just like that this passion for stories and art took form within.

A very fond memory is all my Nanas photo albums stored

in the top shelf of her vintage wooden tall boy. 

Full of dust, texture, smelling like old paper boxes and leather.

It become a tradition to go through them every christmas, bit by bit learning more about my family history. . 

I moved to auckland to study and teach dance which I did for around 8 years before I had children. During that season I learnt How to properly adult. LOL! Being a home maker was actually so great! Spending loads of time with my most precious children and not regretting a single moment.  

I Love NZ with all my heart!!!! Our movies (Taikia Waititi is a fav), our kiwi humour and music. Im big on kiwi kai and hospitality its apart of who I am and slowly learning my culture as I wasn't brought up emerged in it. I sincerely love being a New Zealander. We get it done, think outside the box and have so much real character.

I have 3 little humans Judah, Tyson and Nacey.  They are the coolest kids you'll ever meet and I'm madly in love with. Cheeky, kind, generous, and fun, they fill my life with utter chaos & richness. They will always be my most beautiful creation

So thats me please hang around, tell me a little about yourself! Id love to get to know you and your tribe. These special people, these memoriable moments are what we work hard for, save for, prepare and celebrate. They deserve to be fully embraced and enjoyed in the moment and documented for you to look back on in years to come. This is why I love photography, and this is why I would love to document your special moments. 

Here's some more of my moments I treasure 


xx Cara

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