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I'm Cara, thank you for stopping in, finding out a lil more about me.

I am a fun & adventurous Maori girl, obsessed with a Good old day trip out of

Auckland suburbia, a soulful play list, gourmet packed lunch and no plans

on coming home till the sun set! Oh take me there now!

I come from Taranaki and used to having it all, beach to mountain on my

 back doorstep, so spoilt I know! 

At the age of 8 my dad gave me my first film camera and from then was hooked with this meaningful art form. Im always distracted by seeing moments in my everyday and my mind learns photographically. 

A fond memory of mine, discovering my Nanas red leather photo albums

stored in the top shelf of her wooden tall boy. These musty smelling, dust filled albums became my way of learning about my family and it become a tradition to go through them every christmas, watching them grow and be added to with every new cousin and event. 

I have 3 boys Judah, Tyson and Nacey who are coolest kids you'll ever meet. I'm a dedicated mother and my life fits around them and our busy lovely life.

They will always be my most beautiful creation


 I love photography, I love people and I love the outdoors. So what I do just makes sense and I would love to document your special moments. 


xx Cara

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