• Cara Graham

Off season sweetness

Pondering an off session wedding? Why not... Its actually a brilliant idea!

ONE.. venues/vendors are less stressed and often more available. This makes them more flexible and willing to cater to your wants for your day, rather you having to work into there busy structure. Beautiful cosy ideas for decor, elegant shrugs and furs, breath taking scenic back drops. Not to mention no sweaty smelly grooms men from a day in the heat.

TWO.. In the years to come you can treat yourself to an indulgent holiday away from the elements as your anniversary sits mid year and not during the busy holiday/summer season (where it can actually we hard to squeeze in the priority of getting away together). take it from me, unfortunatly I speak from experience.


Rain, wind, drizzle is not all that bad and creates some pretty intimate moments.

Looking through my work I have definitely had a few elemental challenges, as most photographers in Auckland would have. But you definitely need it being in Auckland, heck New Zealand even. But I love NZ, I love exploring and having to think outside of my comfort (warm and dry) zone and I'm always up for a challenge.

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