• Cara Graham

Engagement Portraits

So why do engagement portraits? Isn't it just an extra cost, some people say?

Well to answer both questions, No most of my packages come with a free engagement shoot and also THEY'RE FUN!!!

Not only do I get to find out funny, quirky things about you both (or even each other, which totally build our friendship) you get to cuddle and laugh with your partner. YAY says all woman! (haven't found a woman yet who doesn't love a great snuggle).

Its a great way to communicate to me what you like and don't photographically, weather that be my approach with taking the photos or how they look. I love letting you have a little sneak peak just so your happy also. We can try a million different settings, poses and you learn how to take direction so on the day your like "bam" hitting all the right angles and feeling great in front of the camera.

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